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MDHHS Laboratory Services

      Any Michigan licensed physician's office, licensed laboratory, or licensed health care facility may submit specimens to the MDCH Bureau of Laboratories for testing. Animal heads may be submitted for rabies testing by veterinarians, animal control officers, law enforcement agencies, and others in coordination with your Local Health Department.

Listing of Available Lab Tests

An A-Z list of tests available through MDCH may be found by clicking here.

Specimen Collection Request Forms, and Shipping Containers

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL OFFICE OF DHD#10 FOR ASSISTANCE. MDCH requires that specimens be submitted using collection units supplied by MDCH. Information is available online at the MDCH Laboratory Services Guide Webpage.

MDCH Lab Testing Resources

The following links provide additional information about testing at the Michigan Bureau of Laboratories.

    Clinical Specimen Collection and Shipping Containers

     Lab Test Request Forms                                                                 

     Laboratory CD Reporting                                                            

    MDCH Laboratory Contact Information

     Phone: (517) 335-8063  /   Fax: (517) 335-8051