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Chartbooks - Local Community Statistics

Featured Chartbooks - Local Community Statistics

 The 2015 Chartbooks provide a snapshot of the health status of the District Health Department #10 jurisdiction. Information is presented by county and when available, comparisons are made to the jurisdiction, to Michigan, and to Healthy People 2020 Objectives.

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Data include population, education, race, births and deaths, incidence of disease, injuries, and immunizations. This year, a Behavioral Risk Factor Survey was conducted in the entire 10 county jurisdiction by an independent research and evaluation firm. This random telephone survey reached between 350 to 622 residents in each county for a total number of respondents of 4,699. A wide range of health behaviors were included:

• Health status indicators, such as perception of general health, satisfaction with life, weight (BMI), and levels of high blood pressure.

• Health risk behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, diet, and physical activity

• Clinical preventative measures, such as routine physical checkups, cancer screenings, oral health, and immunizations

• Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, and cancer In addition, DHD#10 is collecting information for the Community Health Improvement Plan.

The four main areas of focus in this plan are

• Poverty

• Access to Preventive Care

• Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle and Behavior

• Creation and Maintenance of Healthy Communities

After the data are presented in this Chartbook, the last section will summarize some of the conclusions from the Behavioral Risk Factor Survey and examples of progress completed toward the CHIP goals.