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Strategic Plan

 District Health Department #10 Strategic Plan

Please click here to view District Health Department # 10 strategic Plan (Revised January 2015).

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Goal #1: Maintain Excellence as a Public Health Agency

     Secure and maintain stable funding which supports the mission, vision, and strategic plan.
      Improve agency efficiencies by investing in tools, technology, and infrastructure.
      Expand capacity to assure compliance with meaningful use for medical records expansion.
Competent Workforce
     Support the development and recognition of a productive, creative, and accountable workforce.
      Insure staff meets core competencies for public health professionals

Core Values
     Maintain and encourage an environment driven by its core values.
     Support leadership, teamwork, and finding solutions to problems.
     Promote a culture based on excellence that exceeds the expectations of customers and co-workers. 

Policies, Plans, & Quality
     Maintain full accreditation status and other program requirements.
     Implement a Plan/Do/Study/Act model for continuous quality improvement which promotes data-driven decisions
     Identify and reduce barriers to services through customer and staff input.
     Prepare for and respond to emerging public health threats and emergencies through collaboration with public health partners by testing of policies and plans.

 Goal #2: Improve Health

Monitor Health Status
     Analyze health status and identify measurable outcomes in partnership with the community.
     Utilize surveillance to track and prevent public health threats.
     Identify health disparities among specific populations.

Program Development
     Strengthen and expand preventative strategies aimed at improving population health using evidence–based practice.
     Reduce public health morbidity and mortality through the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
     Develop a community improvement plan in conjunction with public health partners.

Link People to Needed Health Services
     Work with community agencies and health care providers to improve the quality and the access to needed health care services.
     Collaborate with community agencies to maximize the effective use of resources.

Goal #3: Engage Communities

Inform, Educate and Empower People
     Provide consistent, accurate and timely information to public health partners and the general public aimed at protecting the health of our communities.
     Create an awareness of the importance of public health and increase utilization of public health services.
     Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote the value of public health to the community and elected officials.
     Continue to enhance and monitor the agency website to assure information is timely, accurate and addresses current public health issues.