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Community Health Needs Assessment Overview

In an effort to better learn about and understand the health status of its jurisdiction, District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) completed this Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process.

 CHNA is a collaborative process of collecting, reviewing, and analyzing health related data focused on the health jurisdiction. Development of a CHNA requires the collection of data, both primary and secondary, and the analysis of the data and other pertinent community information. This will enable the health department and its collaborative partners to make informed decisions and plan for action. Data included in the CHNA consist of both local and statewide demographics, health indicators, health behaviors, and local resources.


DHD#10 will utilize data obtained through the CHNA process to educate and mobilize the community, identify areas of focus at the community level, identify available local resources for target issues, and create a community plan spelling out priorities to be addressed. The data contained within the CHNA identify current, emerging, or future issues that may have a negative impact on the community. The CHNA can also be used as an evaluation tool to measure change from previous interventions and/or actions. Data gathered in the CHNA will form the foundation for the development of a DHD#10 Community Health Improvement Plan and will provide direction for the health department’s strategic plan.   

Please click here to view the Community Health Needs Assessment. 

NEW! The 2015 county health information chartbooks are now available, please click here to view these.

 Questions or feedback on the Community Health Needs Assessment or the Community Health Improvement Plan can be directed to Kevin Hughes khughes@dhd10.org.