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2014 News Releases

2014 District Health Department # 10 News 

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12-01-2014    Understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace: Financial Assistance

11-03-2014    The Affordable Care Act: Getting Covered in 2015!

10-28-2014    Free Flu Shots for the Uninsured

10-15-2014    Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning

10-08-2014     Addressing the "Family Glitch" Affordable Care Act

10-07-2014     October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

09-30-2014     Infectious Disease Recommendations from Dr. Graham

09-22-2014     Flu Clinics Available!

08-04-2014     Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Infection Awareness & Information

08-01-2014     Breastfeeding Awareness Month

07-22-2014     Excessive Alcohol Use and Sexual & Intimate Partnet Violence Among Michigan Women

07-14-2014     Pertussis Follow-up Article (Crawford County)

07-07-2014     Avoid Contact with Bats to Prevent Rabies

06-30-2014     E-Cig Precautions

06-27-2014     Who is Covered under Michigan Medicaid Expansion

06-27-2014     Michigan's Expanded Medicaid Now Open

06-10-2014    Health Department Urges Residents to Avoid Mosquito and Tick Bites

06-05-2014     The Health Department Urges Vaccination to Prevent Whooping Cough

06-05-2014    The Burning Truth - Risks with Indoor Tanning

05-27-2014    Important Seasonal Vector-Borne Disease Information

04-30-2014     Michigan Expanded Medicaid Now Open!

04-09-2014     Live Well & Public Health Week

04-09-2014     National Public Health Week 

04-04-2014     Health Department Urges Adults to get Whooping Cough Vaccination 

03-31-2014     2014 Hepatitis Headlines 

03-31-2014     Colorectal Cancer Awareness

 03-01-2014      March is National Nutrition Month 

02-16-2014      Affordable Care Act Assistance from DHD # 10

01-17-2014      Children's Dental Health Month  

01-08-2014      Severe Flu Activity: Make sure you get Vaccinated!

01-08-2014      Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace

01-03-2014      January is Radon Action Month

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