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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

District Health Department #10 was one of four agencies in the state to receive funding from the Michigan Department of Community Health to implement the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. The goal of the TPPI program for DHD#10 is to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy in Wexford and Oceana Counties. DHD#10 will provide comprehensive evidence-based pregnancy prevention curriculum to youth aged 10-18 years in addition to increasing community, parent and student awareness, involvement, and support for teen pregnancy prevention.

To reach our goal, the TPPI program uses the evidence-based pregnancy prevention “Safer Choices” curriculum to promote abstinence as the safest choice in preventing pregnancy while also offering safer, responsible alternatives to unprotected sexual activity. The curriculum teaches correct information about sexually transmitted infections and healthy relationships as well as effective communication and refusal skills to help teenagers reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy.

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The TPPI program also offers advice to parents in talking to their teens  about sexuality. For tips in starting the conversation or more information about sexual health, call Cathy at (231) 876-3851 or by email in Wexford County, or Katie at (231) 902-8528 or by email in Oceana County.

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